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Clinical Skills Education, LLC, through its websites, helps healthcare professionals learn and practice medical skills and terminology.

Enhancing clinical skills has been our team’s theme since our start in 1999. Beginning with over 200,000 CDs sold under the Littmann brand, we have helped make medical training faster and easier. Now with widespread web availability for desktops, laptops and smartphones, we deliver free medical training. Our website is designed to complement classroom training and clinical experience, helping to improve your skills and professional confidence.

Our Publications

Our authors & developers have written multiple clinical skills books, CDs and mobile apps, including:
  • The Virtual Cardiac Patient: A Multimedia Guide to Heart Sounds and Murmurs, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ISBN: 0781784425
  • Introduction to Heart Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 707387565947
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds, Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN: 9780131949003
  • SoundBuilder for Heart Sounds - iPhone App, Publisher: 3M Littmann
  • Learning Lung Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 00707387565930
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780131949003
  • Basic Arrhythmias (6th Edition) - EKG Drills CDROM, Publisher: Brady, ISBN: 0131175912
  • Learning Lung Sounds - Web Site Edition, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: Apple App Store (free)
  • Electrocardiography for Healthcare Professionals, 3rd Edition, Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2011, ISBN: 0077485270
  • Case Profiles in Respiratory Care, Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning, ISBN: 0766807770

Website Contributors

  • Dr Jon Keroes, Cardiologist
  • David Lieberman, Cardiac Simulation Software Engineer
  • Dr Barbara Erickson, Heart Sounds Educator/Author
  • Diane Wrigley, Physician Assistant, Author and Nursing Educator
  • William French, Author, Reviewer & Nursing Educator
  • Tom O'Brien, Author and Educator.
  • Dr Michael Mazzini, Asst. Professor, Boston University Medical School.

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