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Definition: The painful inflammation of the stomach's lining.

Pronunciation: gas-trī'tis

Body System: Digestive

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: gastritis

K29.00 Acute gastritis without bleeding
K29.01 Acute gastritis with bleeding
K29.20 Alcoholic gastritis without bleeding
K29.21 Alcoholic gastritis with bleeding
K29.30 Chronic superficial gastritis without bleeding
K29.31 Chronic superficial gastritis with bleeding
K29.40 Chronic atrophic gastritis without bleeding
K29.41 Chronic atrophic gastritis with bleeding
K29.50 Unspecified chronic gastritis without bleeding
K29.51 Unspecified chronic gastritis with bleeding
K29.60 Other gastritis without bleeding
K29.61 Other gastritis with bleeding
K29.70 Gastritis, unspecified, without bleeding
K29.71 Gastritis, unspecified, with bleeding
K52.81 Eosinophilic gastritis or gastroenteritis

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