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Definition: Pertaining to a new baby, for the first 28 days after birth.

Body System: Reproductive

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: neonatal

E71.511 Neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy
H04.531 Neonatal obstruction of right nasolacrimal duct
H04.532 Neonatal obstruction of left nasolacrimal duct
H04.533 Neonatal obstruction of bilateral nasolacrimal duct
H04.539 Neonatal obstruction of unspecified nasolacrimal duct
P09. Abnormal findings on neonatal screening
P24.10 Neonatal aspiration of (clear) amniotic fluid and mucus without respiratory symptoms
P24.11 Neonatal aspiration of (clear) amniotic fluid and mucus with respiratory symptoms
P24.20 Neonatal aspiration of blood without respiratory symptoms
P24.21 Neonatal aspiration of blood with respiratory symptoms
P24.30 Neonatal aspiration of milk and regurgitated food without respiratory symptoms
P24.31 Neonatal aspiration of milk and regurgitated food with respiratory symptoms
P24.80 Other neonatal aspiration without respiratory symptoms
P24.81 Other neonatal aspiration with respiratory symptoms
P24.9 Neonatal aspiration, unspecified
P29.0 Neonatal cardiac failure
P29.11 Neonatal tachycardia
P29.12 Neonatal bradycardia
P29.2 Neonatal hypertension
P37.2 Neonatal (disseminated) listeriosis
P37.5 Neonatal candidiasis
P39.0 Neonatal infective mastitis
P39.1 Neonatal conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis
P39.3 Neonatal urinary tract infection
P39.4 Neonatal skin infection
P54.0 Neonatal hematemesis
P54.1 Neonatal melena
P54.2 Neonatal rectal hemorrhage
P54.3 Other neonatal gastrointestinal hemorrhage
P54.4 Neonatal adrenal hemorrhage
P54.5 Neonatal cutaneous hemorrhage
P54.6 Neonatal vaginal hemorrhage
P54.8 Other specified neonatal hemorrhages
P54.9 Neonatal hemorrhage, unspecified
P58.0 Neonatal jaundice due to bruising
P58.1 Neonatal jaundice due to bleeding
P58.2 Neonatal jaundice due to infection
P58.3 Neonatal jaundice due to polycythemia
P58.41 Neonatal jaundice due to drugs or toxins transmitted from mother
P58.42 Neonatal jaundice due to drugs or toxins given to newborn
P58.5 Neonatal jaundice due to swallowed maternal blood
P58.8 Neonatal jaundice due to other specified excessive hemolysis
P58.9 Neonatal jaundice due to excessive hemolysis, unspecified
P59.0 Neonatal jaundice associated with preterm delivery
P59.20 Neonatal jaundice from unspecified hepatocellular damage
P59.29 Neonatal jaundice from other hepatocellular damage
P59.3 Neonatal jaundice from breast milk inhibitor
P59.8 Neonatal jaundice from other specified causes
P59.9 Neonatal jaundice, unspecified
P61.0 Transient neonatal thrombocytopenia
P61.5 Transient neonatal neutropenia
P61.6 Other transient neonatal disorders of coagulation
P70.2 Neonatal diabetes mellitus
P70.3 Iatrogenic neonatal hypoglycemia
P70.4 Other neonatal hypoglycemia
P71.1 Other neonatal hypocalcemia
P71.2 Neonatal hypomagnesemia
P71.3 Neonatal tetany without calcium or magnesium deficiency
P71.4 Transitory neonatal hypoparathyroidism
P71.8 Other transitory neonatal disorders of calcium and magnesium metabolism
P71.9 Transitory neonatal disorder of calcium and magnesium metabolism, unspecified
P72.0 Neonatal goiter, not elsewhere classified
P72.1 Transitory neonatal hyperthyroidism
P72.2 Other transitory neonatal disorders of thyroid function, not elsewhere classified
P72.8 Other specified transitory neonatal endocrine disorders
P72.9 Transitory neonatal endocrine disorder, unspecified
P78.1 Other neonatal peritonitis
P78.2 Neonatal hematemesis and melena due to swallowed maternal blood
P78.3 Noninfective neonatal diarrhea
P83.1 Neonatal erythema toxicum
P91.0 Neonatal cerebral ischemia
P91.2 Neonatal cerebral leukomalacia
P91.3 Neonatal cerebral irritability
P91.4 Neonatal cerebral depression
P91.5 Neonatal coma
P92.5 Neonatal difficulty in feeding at breast
P94.0 Transient neonatal myasthenia gravis
P96.1 Neonatal withdrawal symptoms from maternal use of drugs of addiction

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