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Definition: A disorder in which the immune system attacks hair follicles in the scalp.

Pronunciation: al″o-pe´shah

Body System: Integumentary

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: alopecia

A51.32 Syphilitic alopecia
L63.0 Alopecia (capitis) totalis
L63.1 Alopecia universalis
L63.8 Other alopecia areata
L63.9 Alopecia areata, unspecified
L64.0 Drug-induced androgenic alopecia
L64.8 Other androgenic alopecia
L64.9 Androgenic alopecia, unspecified
L65.2 Alopecia mucinosa
L66.8 Other cicatricial alopecia
L66.9 Cicatricial alopecia, unspecified
Q84.0 Congenital alopecia
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