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Definition: A variation from normal, particularly congenital defect

Body System: General

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: anomaly

H57.00 Unspecified anomaly of pupillary function
M26.00 Unspecified anomaly of jaw size
M26.10 Unspecified anomaly of jaw-cranial base relationship
M26.20 Unspecified anomaly of dental arch relationship
M26.30 Unspecified anomaly of tooth position of fully erupted tooth or teeth
M26.70 Unspecified alveolar anomaly
M26.9 Dentofacial anomaly, unspecified
Q13.81 Rieger's anomaly
Q22.5 Ebstein's anomaly
Q34.0 Anomaly of pleura
Z03.73 Encounter for suspected fetal anomaly ruled out
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