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Definition: The inability to see.

Body System: Eyes And Ears

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: blindness

E50.5 Vitamin A deficiency with night blindness
H47.611 Cortical blindness, right side of brain
H47.612 Cortical blindness, left side of brain
H47.619 Cortical blindness, unspecified side of brain
H53.11 Day blindness
H53.60 Unspecified night blindness
H53.62 Acquired night blindness
H53.63 Congenital night blindness
H53.69 Other night blindness
H54.0 Blindness, both eyes
H54.10 Blindness, one eye, low vision other eye, unspecified eyes
H54.11 Blindness, right eye, low vision left eye
H54.12 Blindness, left eye, low vision right eye
H54.40 Blindness, one eye, unspecified eye
H54.41 Blindness, right eye, normal vision left eye
H54.42 Blindness, left eye, normal vision right eye
H54.8 Legal blindness, as defined in USA
Z82.1 Family history of blindness and visual loss
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