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Definition: A human, animal or other organism that provides tissue for another body.

Body System: General

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: donor

Z00.5 Encounter for examination of potential donor of organ and tissue
Z52.000 Unspecified donor, whole blood
Z52.001 Unspecified donor, stem cells
Z52.008 Unspecified donor, other blood
Z52.010 Autologous donor, whole blood
Z52.011 Autologous donor, stem cells
Z52.018 Autologous donor, other blood
Z52.090 Other blood donor, whole blood
Z52.091 Other blood donor, stem cells
Z52.098 Other blood donor, other blood
Z52.10 Skin donor, unspecified
Z52.11 Skin donor, autologous
Z52.19 Skin donor, other
Z52.20 Bone donor, unspecified
Z52.21 Bone donor, autologous
Z52.29 Bone donor, other
Z52.3 Bone marrow donor
Z52.4 Kidney donor
Z52.5 Cornea donor
Z52.6 Liver donor
Z52.810 Egg (Oocyte) donor under age 35, anonymous recipient
Z52.811 Egg (Oocyte) donor under age 35, designated recipient
Z52.812 Egg (Oocyte) donor age 35 and over, anonymous recipient
Z52.813 Egg (Oocyte) donor age 35 and over, designated recipient
Z52.819 Egg (Oocyte) donor, unspecified
Z52.89 Donor of other specified organs or tissues
Z52.9 Donor of unspecified organ or tissue
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