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Definition: Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart chamber and valves. Usually caused by bacterial infection.

Pronunciation: en'dō-kar-dī'tis

Body System: Cardiovascular

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: endocarditis

A32.82 Listerial endocarditis
A39.51 Meningococcal endocarditis
A52.03 Syphilitic endocarditis
B33.21 Viral endocarditis
B37.6 Candidal endocarditis
I01.1 Acute rheumatic endocarditis
I33.0 Acute and subacute infective endocarditis
I33.9 Acute and subacute endocarditis, unspecified
I38. Endocarditis, valve unspecified
I39. Endocarditis and heart valve disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
M32.11 Endocarditis in systemic lupus erythematosus
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