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Definition: A network of nerves or blood vessels.

Body System: General

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: plexus

G54.0 Brachial plexus disorders
G54.1 Lumbosacral plexus disorders
G54.8 Other nerve root and plexus disorders
G54.9 Nerve root and plexus disorder, unspecified
G55. Nerve root and plexus compressions in diseases classified elsewhere
P14.3 Other brachial plexus birth injuries
S14.3XXA Injury of brachial plexus, initial encounter
S14.3XXD Injury of brachial plexus, subsequent encounter
S14.3XXS Injury of brachial plexus, sequela
S34.4XXA Injury of lumbosacral plexus, initial encounter
S34.4XXD Injury of lumbosacral plexus, subsequent encounter
S34.4XXS Injury of lumbosacral plexus, sequela
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