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Definition: The totality of characteristics of reproductive structure, functions, phenotype, and genotype, differentiating the male from the female organism.

Body System: Reproductive

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: sex

Q56.4 Indeterminate sex, unspecified
Q95.3 Balanced sex/autosomal rearrangement in abnormal individual
Q96.2 Karyotype 46, X with abnormal sex chromosome, except iso (Xq)
Q96.4 Mosaicism, 45, X/other cell line(s) with abnormal sex chromosome
Q97.8 Other specified sex chromosome abnormalities, female phenotype
Q97.9 Sex chromosome abnormality, female phenotype, unspecified
Q98.6 Male with structurally abnormal sex chromosome
Q98.7 Male with sex chromosome mosaicism
Q98.8 Other specified sex chromosome abnormalities, male phenotype
Q98.9 Sex chromosome abnormality, male phenotype, unspecified
Z70.8 Other sex counseling
Z70.9 Sex counseling, unspecified
Z87.890 Personal history of sex reassignment
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