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Definition: A condition that causes crossed eyes.

Pronunciation: strah-bizĀ“mus

Body System: Eyes And Ears

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: strabismus

H49.881 Other paralytic strabismus, right eye
H49.882 Other paralytic strabismus, left eye
H49.883 Other paralytic strabismus, bilateral
H49.889 Other paralytic strabismus, unspecified eye
H49.9 Unspecified paralytic strabismus
H50.21 Vertical strabismus, right eye
H50.22 Vertical strabismus, left eye
H50.60 Mechanical strabismus, unspecified
H50.69 Other mechanical strabismus
H50.89 Other specified strabismus
H50.9 Unspecified strabismus
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