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Definition: The fluid containing waste products and water secreted by the kidneys, then stored in the urinary bladder until urination.

Body System: Urinary

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ICD10 Codes Containing Term: urine

E71.0 Maple-syrup-urine disease
R33.0 Drug induced retention of urine
R33.8 Other retention of urine
R33.9 Retention of urine, unspecified
R39.0 Extravasation of urine
R82.5 Elevated urine levels of drugs, medicaments and biological substances
R82.6 Abnormal urine levels of substances chiefly nonmedicinal as to source
R82.79 Other abnormal findings on microbiological examination of urine
R82.8 Abnormal findings on cytological and histological examination of urine
R82.90 Unspecified abnormal findings in urine
R82.91 Other chromoabnormalities of urine
R82.99 Other abnormal findings in urine
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